The library was established in 1982 for purpose of meeting information requirements of the Centre and stakeholders at various levels.
The library is under the department of Nutrition Education and Training.
The library provides information services to health care providers, researchers, planners, trainers, students and general public.
The library acquired information materials through donations, gifts from individuals and institutions, purchases and through information exchange programs with other organizations.
TFNC Library has a special collection of food, nutrition and other health information. The collections contain materials on maternal nutrition, infant feeding and young child nutrition, nutrition and HIV, food security, nutrition –related disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiency and prevent and control all forms nutrition.
It maintains a collection of more than 7065 of printed books, TFNC Reports, booklets and electronic booklets
The library provides access to both print and electronic information resources including number of print and electronic journals, booklets, books and Social and Behavior change communication materials
The library also provides information services to library users within and outside the Centre community. These services including : lending of library materials, document delivery services, references services, Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Current Awareness Services (CAS) and information literacy other services provided by the library include, distribution of Social and Behavior change communication materials, photocopy and binding services.

All books, reports, posters, maps or charts lost or defaced will be replaced at the borrowers expenses. If the damaged or lost materials are no longer available in the market the borrowers will be charged twice prices the materials were paid for.
1. Administration to use of the library
All users within and outside the Centre are entitled to use the library as readers.
The use of special collections. Special collections are open to all users but cannot be taken out of the library, they are used within the library. 2. Borrowing
(I) The lending period for books /reports for TFNC staff is two weeks, six books or reports at a time
(II) An extension of lending period can be granted upon request (only if the same book /report has not been requested by another user
(III) Periodicals and reference books cannot be taken out of the library. They can only be used in the library
(III) Once you borrow library materials you are not allowed to lend them to someone else before you return to the library. The librarian will do lending
3. Rules
(i) No smoking ,eating or drinking is permitted in the library
(ii) Silence should be observed all the time in the library
(iii) Mobile phones must be switched off while in the Library
(iv) Legal action will be taken against all persons found in possession of materials illegally
Opening Hours: 8.30 am - 4.00 pm Monday and Friday Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays closed

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